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Behavior rules

Lets be respectful to each other


Our company is pet friendly and we love our furry friends. Unfortunately,certain buildings and communities are prohibiting pets. Therefore, pet policy is subject to terms of a Building Management.


It is strictly prohibited to smoke anywhere inside the apartment; however, guests can enjoy a cigarette or a cigar on the balcony or a terrace where ashtray is placed for the convenience. DO not throw cigarettes from the balcony. Dubai can be windy; there is a history of building caught on fire because the cigarette landed wrongly.
Fine applies if the smell of smoke is present in the apartment upon check out.

Candles are allowed, however please do not leave them unattended and do not place them on the floor or on any easily inflammable surfaces.

Fireworks and inflammable materials shall not be used in or around the property. Fines apply.


We love parties and loud fun gatherings but most of our apartments are located in family-friendly residences.
If you want to arrange a party, please contact us and we will do our best to find an appropriate apartment which will meet your requirement.

In our residences we have a quite hour starting from 10pm, so please make sure, so please make sure music and TV/Radio as well as any other noises are not disturbing neighbors after the quiet hour.

The cost of damage to the property caused by the Guest(s) will be deducted from the security deposit. If the funds are insufficient to cover the damages, the Guest(s) will have to pay additionally, based on the quotation provided.

For the esthetic purpose, drying clothes on the balcony is subject to the rules and regulations of the Building.


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